Meet the Team

  • Dealership Contacts (866) 551-9854
    • Ron  Tellock Photo
      Ron  Tellock
      General Manager
    • Diane Flanigan Photo
      Diane Flanigan
      Admin Asst
    • Mary Wolf Photo
      Mary Wolf
  • Sales (866) 738-0246
    • Steve Sauer Photo
      Steve Sauer
      New Car Manager
    • Mike Hammer Photo
      Mike Hammer
      Used Car Manager
    • Mike Henke Photo
      Mike Henke
      Sales Manager
    • Brian Chicoine Photo
      Brian Chicoine
      Sales Consultant
    • Paul Christman Photo
      Paul Christman
      Sales Consultant
    • Steve Helphrey Photo
      Steve Helphrey
      Sales Consultant
    • Paul Hennell Photo
      Paul Hennell
      Sales Consultant
    • Josie Hielsberg Photo
      Josie Hielsberg
      Sales Consultant
    • Jennifer Hollenbeck Photo
      Jennifer Hollenbeck
      Sales Consultant
    • Cody Oleson Photo
      Cody Oleson
      Sales Consultant
    • Larry Raygo Photo
      Larry Raygo
      Sales Consultant
    • Corey Schmidt Photo
      Corey Schmidt
      Sales Consultant
    • Chris Williams Photo
      Chris Williams
      Sales Consultant
  • Parts (877) 235-7868
    • Jay Jawort Photo
      Jay Jawort
      Service Manager
    • Kevin Vogel Photo
      Kevin Vogel
      Parts Manager
    • Jeff Cleaver Photo
      Jeff Cleaver
      Detail Manager
    • Nathan Dyer Photo
      Nathan Dyer
      Express Lube Manager
    • Thomas Faulkner Photo
      Thomas Faulkner
      Service Consultant
    • Dan Mrotek Photo
      Dan Mrotek
      Service Consultant
    • Chad Yager Photo
      Chad Yager
      Service Consultant
    • Glenn Schmidt Photo
      Glenn Schmidt
      Parts Counter
    • Bjorn Bredek Photo
      Bjorn Bredek
      Parts Counter
    • McKenzie Malin Photo
      McKenzie Malin
      Lube Consultant
  • Finance (866) 551-9854
    • Peter Brace Photo
      Peter Brace
      Financial Services Manager
    • Donna Speers Photo
      Donna Speers
      Financial Services Manager

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